This website is designed to be a resource to support professionals working with young children and their families, those who advocate on their behalf, and those conducting research in relevant areas, to stay on the forefront of the fields of parenting and early child development by providing the latest research, strategies and best practices.

Polling the Pros
Each month we conduct an online survey to better understand the issues and needs of professionals who work with young children and families.

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Download our review of international studies on Prevention and Early Intervention. Learn what parents do and don't know about parenting – read our Parent Poll.

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Professional Education

Find out about our Professional Education efforts aimed at professionals helping families with young children.

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Public Education

Discover how we have translated the latest scientific knowledge into practical programs to help those who care for Canada's youngest children.

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What's Happening
The Ounce Scale: A New Assessment Tool for Infants, Toddlers, and Their Families
Invest In Kids is part of a national training faculty for the new Ounce Scale.
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Have You Seen?
Dr. Richard Tremblay Among Canada’s Best...
Dr. Richard Tremblay, CIAR Researcher has been named by Time magazine among “Canada’s Best” in the field of Medicine.

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Browse through our specially designed resources for parents and professionals, such as "Ready To Go" Parent Education Package, a video and guidebook with handouts that are full of ideas on how to use the materials with families.

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We Recommend

See what resources our experts are recommending, including Books, Reports, Videos and Websites.

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Comfort, Play & Teach
Learn about Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™. Daily interactions that encourage a child's healthy development.
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Special Report

The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) has a new bulletin focusing entirely on Early Childhood Aggression.

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