Our family enjoys playing together outdoors in the winter.


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Ease your Family’s Holiday Stress with these Comfort, Play & Teach Tips

While we look forward to spending time with family members we don’t often see throughout the year, what do we do when our 3-year old unwittingly disrupts mealtime at Aunt Sadie’s? If trying to appease her through the long car ride to Aunt Sadie’s house didn’t do you in, dinner just might. Invest in Kids helps you bring some real comfort and joy to your holiday with Comfort, Play & Teach tips that help you cope with some of the more stressful holiday situations.

Disruptions in your Baby’s Routine during the Holidays

Holiday Entertaining and Visiting Others with your Baby

Holiday Dinners with your Toddler

Holiday Gifts and your Toddler

Holiday Travel with your Preschooler

Holiday Shopping with your Preschooler

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