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Recycle Items

You can never have too many raw materials around for children to use as entertainment. The following are ideas of every day items you can recycle for craft supplies:

Always consider safety issues, such as the child’s age, before giving them any items to play with and supervise children carefully! A good rule of thumb for items that could be a choking hazard is if they can pass through a toilet paper roll, they are too small.

Baking cups
Broken costume jewelry
Buttons/bottle caps
Cotton scraps/ribbon
Cotton balls
Drinking straws
Egg cartons
Popsicle sticks
Plastic containers and lids
Embroidery thread
Empty film cans/spools
Empty cardboard boxes
Empty plastic soda bottles
Odd game pieces
Odd socks/mittens/gloves
Old greeting cards/tissue & wrapping paper/brown paper bags
Scraps of yarn/string
Toilet paper & paper towels rolls

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