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Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to ParentingTM helps you encourage your child's social, emotional and intellectual development.
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What to expect and how you can help, as your child grows and develops.
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You have left the hospital and gone home to start your new life with your new little one. Or your 18-month old has discovered the word "no." Or you are wondering what to consider in choosing a preschool program for your four-year old. Where can you turn for reliable help and information? Who will understand the doubts and worries you have? Even experienced parents need help from time to time! We can help you find answers to your questions. We can also help you learn what to expect at every stage of your child's development - and what you can do to encourage her.

To help you to encourage your child’s social, emotional and intellectual development, we have created Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™. This simple approach is built on everyday activities that are part of your daily routine.

What may seem like the simplest and most automatic activities that you do with your child every day - like putting a bandage on a "boo boo," playing hide and go seek, or cuddling with your baby – are in fact among the most important ways parents can help children reach their full potential.

When you comfort, play with and teach your child, you open up a world of possibilities for him. Through simple activities that are easy and natural to do, you encourage your child’s ability to learn and to create, to communicate to love and to trust and to approach life with confidence and enthusiasm.

What to expect and how to help your child, at each stage of growth and development.
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Read reliable advice on a whole range of topics of concerns to parents.
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