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Our Need

What is the need?

Most children enjoy emotional, social and intellectual health. However, Human Resources and Development Canada's National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth revealed that:

  • Nearly 30% of Canadian children, from birth to age 5, have a cognitive or behavioural problem;
  • These children can be found across our society from top to bottom; and
  • These problems are inextricably linked to lack of positive parenting.

Further to this, in gauging the attitudes and behaviours of parents, Invest in Kids' National Survey of Parents of Young Children revealed that while all believe being a good parent is the most important thing they can do:

  • Most parents have a limited knowledge about how children grow and develop.
  • Parents are anxious, concerned and not confident about their parenting skills.
  • Today's parents don't feel supported in their role as parents.

There is little doubt that a child's first five years are vital to their future well-being. To ensure that young children get the best possible start, it is critical to strengthen the parenting knowledge, skills and confidence of all those who touch their lives. After all, what a child will be depends on you and me.

Why 0-5?

The first five years of life are truly miracle years, the time of greatest human development and the time when we as adults have the most profound influence on a child.

We all recognize the enormous physical change that happens during the first five years of life. What is less obvious is that these years are pivotal in the development of a child's ability to learn, to create, to communicate, to trust, to love and to approach life with confidence and enthusiasm.

A child's experiences-good or bad-lay the foundation for all that comes later. How we care for our children in these years has a lasting impact on how they will be as adults.

The years before five last the rest of their lives.

How your donation can help

Invest in Kids is a national charitable organization dedicated to ensuring the healthy social, emotional and intellectual development of children from birth to age five.

Founded in 1993 by a group of volunteers who wanted to focus on positive parenting through parent education, public education, research and professional education, Invest in Kids has grown to a professional staff of 26 that serve families and professionals across Canada in both English and French.

Invest in Kids translates the science of parenting and child development into easy-to-understand, engaging, relevant resources for parents and professionals to help strengthen the parenting knowledge, skills and confidence of all those who touch the lives of our youngest children.

Learn more about Our Work.

For more information about Invest in Kids, please contact:

Development Department
416-977-1222 ext. 240
[email protected]

Invest in Kids is a member of Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Code of Ethics and Donor Bill of Rights.

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