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Snowman Kit

Frosty the snowman would be proud. Always be ready to build a snow person at a moments notice. Place the following items in a box or decorate a "kit" of some kind:

  • Plastic carrots, large gogglely eyes
  • Different hats, mittens, scarves
  • Shoes, boots, sandals
  • Buttons, pompoms, glasses, coal, rocks
  • Spray bottles for coloured water

Use your imagination!

Comfort, Play & Teach™ Message

Comfort: Children feel loved and secure when we spend time and play with them.

Play: There is no fun that matches that of playing in the snow. When children are introduced to this early, they learn to enjoy the snow and enjoy the season that is so much a part of Canadian life. This is also a wonderful activity to use your imagination along with your child. What will your snowperson look like? What kind of nose will he have? Don’t limit yourself to the traditional snowperson.

Teach: Depending on the age of your child building a snowman can be an opportunity to teach children about different shapes. For infants it may be as simple as showing them how you make the ball. For older children you can engage them in some simple problem solving such as which ball should be bigger the one on the top or the one on the bottom.

For Ages: 1 year and up

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