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Toddler Zap Chooses for Herself

Download the video (10K)

The weather outside is frightful! Mom and Toddler Zap agree that outdoor clothes are necessary. But Toddler Zap is dismayed by Mom’s choice. Toddler Zap wants to wear a colourful sweater instead of the jacket Mom prefers. Fortunately, after Mom Zap thinks it over, she decides that Toddler Zap’s choice is not so bad after all. Because Mom agreed with Toddler Zap’s choice, Toddler now feels confident in her ability to make good choices. In fact, she thinks further about the bad weather and runs off to get her rain gear. An even better choice! This shows Toddler Zap has learned to think for herself and make good decisions. These lessons have greater importance beyond just learning what to wear outside.

The best way to build your child's self-esteem is to make sure she knows that she is loved. Part of making your child feel loved is providing her with positive feedback when she is learning to make new decisions. This will make your child feel even better about an accomplishment she may already be very proud of.

Agreeing with some of your toddler’s choices helps build her self-confidence. One of the most important lessons a child can learn is to make good decisions. While toddlers will watch their parents carefully and often copy their choices, they still require plenty of chances to make independent decisions. And just like learning anything else, they will make mistakes along the way. But supporting their choices helps build their confidence.

Research shows that even very young children are sensitive to give-and-take. As children progress through the preschool years, those who are most cooperative have had plenty of opportunity to share in the decision-making with their parents. So, allowing toddlers to make some decisions can lead to them conceding more easily in situations where you disagree with their choice.

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