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Toddler Zap Shares Her World

Download the video (10K)

Toddler Zap is playing imaginatively by herself while Dad Zap works away on his computer. After a while, she wants to share what she is doing with Dad Zap. Unfortunately, he is busy and doesn’t immediately clue in to her needs. She tries a little harder to break Dad’s concentration, but he still doesn’t tune in. Finally, Toddler Zap gives it her all and Dad notices her. He stops what he is doing and sits down for a heart-to-heart. Toddler Zap opens up and gladly tells Dad about all the exciting, wonderful things that have happened to her recently – the ice cream sundae, police car, and the friendly monster. Sharing these experiences gives Dad and Toddler Zap warm feelings that will last a long time.

Toddlers can play by themselves and concentrate on a task. This is great news for parents because now, they don’t have to provide all of the entertainment.

But, toddlers are not easy to schedule. Sometimes they are happily entertaining themselves when, without warning, they want their parents to join in. Sometimes children are subtle in making their wishes known. But usually, at some point, they make it really clear that they want their parent’s company.

A toddler’s imagination is rich. They don’t really understand everything but they are enthusiastic about what they see, feel and think.

It's important that you have a special time with your child each day. Maybe it's when you read a story, take part in pretend play or help with bathtime. As often as possible, it is important to let these times occur on the spur of the moment. These are the times to really focus on your child and be a warm, empathetic listener.

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