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Winter Safety Tips

Going on an outdoor half day or full day trip with the kids? Here are some things to keep in mind.


  • Keep everyone warm from head to toe. There’s nothing worse than you or the kids being cold. Check the weather for the area you are planning to visit – temperatures can vary significantly across relatively small distances.

  • Be prepared with extra layers. Even after checking the weather and dressing appropriately, you may reach your destination and realize it is chillier than expected. Keep extra layers in the car that can easily be added under your child’s snowsuit.

  • If there is snow, make sure things are waterproof. Kids of all ages love the snow – rolling in it, playing with it, and generally covering themselves in it. Make sure that snowsuits, boots, and especially mittens are waterproof. Labels will indicate if the garment is waterproof. If this is not stated on the label, the item is likely not waterproof. For your young day tripper, mittens are best rather than gloves.

  • Check for wetness at lunch. It’s not unusual in the winter for people, including children, to sweat if they have been physically active. This can often make clothing wet. If you are continuing in the afternoon, make sure clothes are dry – especially socks and mittens. Keep extras with you to change into.

  • Put some tissue into your child’s pockets – it may be needed along the way.

  • Keep some lip balm with you in case of chapped lips.

In the Car

  • Weather during winter is unpredictable so better to be prepared. Keep extra snacks (including water) and blankets in the car.

  • Keep some age appropriate activities your child can use to pass the time in case of traffic or other unexpected delays.

  • Adjust your child’s clothing to meet the climate of the car. If the kids have been in snowpants and many layers during the day, reduce the number of layers for the car ride home. Hot kids soon become cranky kids and our ability to respond while driving is limited.

  • Take along some of the kids' favourite tapes. A sing song can make the ride fun for everyone.

Winter Activities for the Family

Tobogganing is a great family activity that everyone can take part in. Some things to remember:

  • Dress warmly ensuring that coats, mittens and boots are waterproof.

  • Check in with your child frequently to ensure s/he is warm and dry.

  • Have your child wear a helmet that is approved for outdoor winter activities.

  • Children 5 years old and under should not go down alone. This means you will need a toboggan that can seat two.

  • Try to pick a hill that isn’t filled with skiers and others who may overwhelm a young child.

  • Toboggan away from roads and any bodies of water.

  • Ensure the hill is clear of any obstacles including large trees or rocks.

  • Also ensure there is adult supervision with young children.

Skating is another family activity that is often close to home too!

  • Dress warmly ensuring that coats, mittens and boots are waterproof.

  • Check in with your child frequently to ensure s/he is warm and dry.

  • Have your child wear a helmet that has a mouthguard on it.

  • Make sure an adult has checked the ice if skating on lakes or ponds.

  • If you are introducing your child to skating for the first time, choose a rink that is not too crowded or overwhelming for your child.

  • Ensure there is adult supervision if you are not joining your child.

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