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Bonding and Attachment: I'm feeling awkward with my new baby

If you are having trouble relating to your baby, here are some tips that may help:

  • Remember that becoming attached is a process that takes caring, patience and time. Your feelings for your baby will grow stronger over time.

  • Understand how important you are to your baby. Your baby needs to feel comforted and protected by you.

  • Although some of these things might feel awkward at first, here are some ways to build a warm relationship with your child :

    • Hold your child close, talk warmly about what you or your child is doing, and provide hugs and kisses.

    • Try singing or telling a story to your child - whatever songs or stories you like. Be yourself and your baby will come to love it.

    • Try playing some games like peek-a-boo or 'I'm going to get you.'

    Even if it feels like this is "not really you," create your own version of these activities. Over time, both you and your baby will become more relaxed and appreciative of each other.