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Safety: Bathroom

The following is set of basic safety checks for the bathroom. In addition to the points below, be sure to look carefully around your bathroom for yourself, to see if there are any additional actions you can take to safety proof it for you and your child. But begin by making sure that:

  • Rubber plugs are out of reach - babies love to chew them

  • There is a non-slip mat (or stickers) inside the bathtub and on the floor beside the tub.

  • The toilet lid is kept down to avoid bumps and concussions, and so a toddler won't fall in or play with the water.

  • The bathroom door can be unlocked from the outside.

  • The temperature on the water heater has been lowered to 48 C (120 F).

  • Bath water is tested by an adult putting an elbow in the water to make sure the water is warm, not hot.

  • Children are placed in the tub facing away from the taps.

  • Children are never left alone in the tub - it only takes 1 second for hot tap water to burn a child.

  • Electrical appliances (such as hairdryers, curling irons, razors and others) are unplugged and out of reach of children.