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Safety: Bedrooms

Here is a basic safety checklist for bedrooms. In addition to the points below, be sure to look carefully around your bedroom for yourself, to see if there are any additional actions you can take to safety proof it for you and your child. But begin by making sure that:

  • There are no "cute" decorator night lights - they look like toys to be played with.

  • Beds and cribs are located away from windows and radiators. Windows can break, and if they are open, children can fall out of the window. Radiators can burn small children.

  • Children are not allowed to jump on beds, because they can lose control and be bounced onto the floor or into the corners of hard bedroom furniture.

  • Your baby or young child is never placed on a waterbed, because little ones may not have the strength to move their head into a position where they can breathe, and it is too easy for bigger children or adults to accidentally roll on top of babies and injure them.

  • Pillows are not used for children under one year of age.