We Recommend
Judging Criteria

To become an Invest In Kids Recommended Resource, a resource must pass a very careful review process using the following criteria:

General Criteria
  • Above all the content must be accurate and referenced for verification.
  • The content must also be of practical use to parents.
  • Topics should be covered in sufficient depth to present a thorough treatment.
Web Site Criteria
  • The site should be easy to navigate so that information is easy to find.
  • It should also be interactive enough to encourage participation.
  • It should be attractive enough to engage the interest of users.
Publication Criteria
  • Publications should be of good quality in terms of illustrations, printing and binding.
  • Publications should be easy to obtain; not out-of print or from some obscure publisher.
  • Books for parents should have well-organized content and minimal jargon so as to be readable.
  • Books for children should be age appropriate with the right vocabulary and theme for that age.
  • Children’s books should also hold a child’s interest and therefore be enjoyable.
  • Books should provide children either with examples of how to deal with problems or how to develop good qualities and so promote positive values.
  • Books for infants and toddlers should be sturdy and made of cardboard, plastic or laminated paper.