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Newborn: Taking my new baby for an outing

Many babies are quite adaptable and will enjoy being around other people. Being outside, and especially riding in the car, can often relax a baby. Getting out of the house may lift your spirits and help you to put things in perspective.

Here are some tips for parents who plan to go out with their baby:

  • In the early days after birth plan the outing carefully.

  • Be selective about where you take the baby for the first few trips.

  • Don't go too far from home or for too long in the beginning.

  • Take someone else along with you, if you are anxious about going out alone with the baby.

  • Babies have different capacities for handling new environments and people. Every child is unique. Yours may love going out, or yours may be overwhelmed by the new stimulation. Or anywhere in between.

  • Time the outing to fit with the baby's schedule. The first trips out should be when your baby is at his most relaxed time of the day.