How to Play...

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to be the Brain Team that answers the most questions correctly and scores the highest total points.

The Playbook
The teams will be asked a series of multiple choice questions in several different categories. After each question a limited time will be provided for Brain Teams to confer about and record the answers. For each question, you will be given five possible answers.

The Clock
From the moment the possible answers appear, the point value for a correct answer will count down along with the time. That means the faster you get your answer in, the more points you'll score. The longer you take the fewer your points.

If you don't answer, you won't lose any points. However, if you answer incorrectly, you will lose points.

End of the Game and Possible Overtime
At the end of the competition, the Brain Team with the highest point score wins and will be presented with the Battle Cup. In the case of a tie, there will be playoff rounds until a winner is determined.

The use of steroids, cellular phones or other communication devices, reference materials, books encyclopedia, electronic calculators or other appliances is strictly prohibited.

The Players

The Captain
Each Brain team will appoint its Captain who will be responsible to choose and record the answers for the team.

Brain Master "Coach"
Of course this never happens, but you may think we have a question wrong. Which is one of the reasons you have a Brain Master at your table. The Brain Master is not a member of the Brain Team and cannot participate in answering the questions. The Brain Master will attempt to clarify what is required by the various questions, hand out special question materials, and help all players understand the play. The Brain Master will have no previous access to the questions or the answers. In the case of any kind of discrepancy during the game, notify your Brain Master and he or she will turn the matter over to the Brain Trust.

The Brain Trust will be composed of the Brain Trustees whose decision in all cases will be final and not questioned by anyone involved in the play of Battle of the Brains.

Brain Cells
A way to increase your scores. Brain Cells cost $100.00 each. You receive one free. And you can purchase 4 over the evening. If you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points. If you answer the question incorrectly, you do not lose additional bonus points.

Individual teams can "challenge" each other on their respective total scores for the evening. Any team deciding to participate will fill out a Challenge Request identifying the team they want to challenge and the amount of the challenge. If accepted, the challenge and amount are posted on the "Challenge Board". The loser donates the amount of the challenge to Invest in Kids.

Winning the Battle
Throughout the evening, scores will be recorded and the team with the
top score will take home the priceless Battle Cup.

But we all know that Battle is not just about winning a cup. It is really about investing in kids.