Your Child From Birth to 6 Months
From Newborn to Baby:
The Most Important Developmental Achievements
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Respond to own mirror image green-arrow.gif Enjoy examining and banging objects
green-arrow.gif Extend toy to another person green-arrow.gif Remain alert 2 hours at a time
green-arrow.gif Socially smile at another person green-arrow.gif Create changes in objects by looking at them upside down or further away
green-arrow.gif Try to imitate facial expressions and gestures
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Disturbed by strangers green-arrow.gif Search for a toy that is covered up
green-arrow.gif Will recognize the word "No" green-arrow.gif Remember that an object is hidden and search for it
green-arrow.gif Able to call out to parent for help green-arrow.gif Look for dropped object
green-arrow.gif Enjoy interactive games like peek-a-boo green-arrow.gif Begin to enjoy clowning around
green-arrow.gif Use several senses at once
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Cry green-arrow.gif Begin to quiet down on his/her own after getting upset
green-arrow.gif Coo, chuckle, gurgle when happy green-arrow.gif Express many emotions: sadness, anger, happiness and excitement
green-arrow.gif Begin to make vowel and consonant combinations green-arrow.gif Check out parent and touch face as if memorizing it
green-arrow.gif Utter consonants such as f, v, th, s, sh, z, m, n green-arrow.gif Show mood changes that tend to be rapid
green-arrow.gif Vary volume, pitch, rate of utterance
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Begin to babble green-arrow.gif Has a special toy that always goes to bed with him/her
green-arrow.gif Respond to some words (e.g., "no no") green-arrow.gif Sleep for longer periods at night
green-arrow.gif Imitate two or three familiar gestures such as pat-a-cake
green-arrow.gif Turn in response to name
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Sit with slight support green-arrow.gif Move toy from hand to mouth
green-arrow.gif Lift head and pull to sitting position when hand held green-arrow.gif Hold toys placed in both hands
green-arrow.gif Turn from back to stomach and from stomach to back green-arrow.gif Bang spoon placed in hand
green-arrow.gif Turn head freely green-arrow.gif Grasp table
green-arrow.gif Sit in chair and bounce green-arrow.gif Reach and grasp at objects with whole hand
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Take weight on feet when held in standing position green-arrow.gif Transfer toy from one hand to another
green-arrow.gif Take early stepping movements green-arrow.gif Release toy by dropping
green-arrow.gif Get into creeping or crawling position green-arrow.gif Throw toy purposefully
green-arrow.gif Appear to be dancing when straightens one leg at a time in upright position green-arrow.gif Hold two blocks and look for a third
green-arrow.gif Rotate wrist to turn and manipulate object

"Peek-a-Boo" games help babies develop memory for objects and people. The "I'm going to get you" game is another game parents can play with baby which is guaranteed to delight and bring squeals of joy.

Rhymes & songs give pleasure and comfort especially when coming from a familiar voice in a lyrical and repetitive chant. Use any opportunity such as diapering, feeding or bathing as a chance to sing to your baby.

"Shake-Shake" toys that make a noise will give your baby lots of stimulation and pleasure. This encourages your child to initiate an activity and to learn from the immediate response the toy gives.

Finger plays are a fun way to use your fingers to "act out" verses of songs and rhymes. Using your hands helps your baby pay attention to the rhythm of the words and actions that can be imitated. Some favourites you may know are "Ten little martians standing in a row"; "Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill"; "Hickory, Dickory, Dock, the mouse ran up the clock"; "Eeensy, Weensy Spider"; "Where is Thumbkin" and "I'm a little teapot".

Rocking and jumping games entice your baby into music and rhythm, engaging his/her whole body. For instance, bouncing your baby gently on your lap while you sing "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round".

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