Your Child From 2� to 3� Years
From Terrific Twos to Delightful Threes:
The Most Important Developmental Achievements
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Join in associative play with a group of peers green-arrow.gif Sort objects by colour and size
green-arrow.gif Show empathy if not overwhelmed green-arrow.gif Classify objects by purpose (e.g., to play with, to wear)
green-arrow.gif Complete toilet training green-arrow.gif Name one or more colours
green-arrow.gif Enjoy being in a play group green-arrow.gif Count 3 objects
green-arrow.gif Say name and part of address
green-arrow.gif Understand time intervals better (e.g., today, tomorrow, yesterday)
green-arrow.gif Differentiate boys and girls
green-arrow.gif Understand cause and effect
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Share toys green-arrow.gif Count up to 10 and understand number concepts up to 3
green-arrow.gif Cooperate in putting toys away green-arrow.gif Use increasing number of pronouns and prepositions with understanding
green-arrow.gif Take turns green-arrow.gif Understand "It's time to"
green-arrow.gif Play games with simple rules
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Use a vocabulary of about 900 words green-arrow.gif See things from another person's perspective
green-arrow.gif Use language to get what is wanted green-arrow.gif Control aggression and tantrums at least part of the time
green-arrow.gif Use language to express feelings green-arrow.gif Less upset by limits and disciplines
green-arrow.gif Respond to simple instructions green-arrow.gif Understand and follow simple rules
green-arrow.gif Use plurals and personal pronouns "I", "you", "me" green-arrow.gif Be settled after nightmares more easily
green-arrow.gif Repeat 3 numbers green-arrow.gif Sleep through night
green-arrow.gif Use 5 word sentences
green-arrow.gif Repeat a few rhymes and songs
green-arrow.gif Name pictures of familiar things in picture book
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Ask "what", "where", "who" questions green-arrow.gif Be much more even-tempered and cooperative with parents
green-arrow.gif Use parts of speech correctly green-arrow.gif Keep room and toys in order
green-arrow.gif Play with words in silly rhymes green-arrow.gif Continually grow in independence and self-esteem
green-arrow.gif Use new and unfamiliar words green-arrow.gif Expand pretend play into rich, connected themes
green-arrow.gif Use pretend play to gain control of frustrating and frightening experiences
green-arrow.gif Play out adult roles in play
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Run 50 feet in under 10 seconds green-arrow.gif Copy a circle from a drawing
green-arrow.gif Climb on jungle gym and other equipment green-arrow.gif Build a tower of 9 blocks
green-arrow.gif Kick a ball green-arrow.gif Place round, square, and triangular block in a form board
green-arrow.gif With hand held, jump from height of 8 inches green-arrow.gif Complete easy puzzle
green-arrow.gif Stand on one foot with momentary balance green-arrow.gif Copy bridge of blocks from model
green-arrow.gif Throw a small ball
green-arrow.gif Get up form squatting position without help
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Do standing broad jump for 12 inches green-arrow.gif Handle scissors and cut out
green-arrow.gif Jump off ground with two-footed jump green-arrow.gif Copy a cross
green-arrow.gif Hop on one foot for a few steps green-arrow.gif Pull up zipper but cannot do buttons
green-arrow.gif Use pedals to ride tricycle and steer to avoid obstacles green-arrow.gif Screw lids on jars
green-arrow.gif Catch a large ball with arms extended green-arrow.gif Carry liquids in cup
green-arrow.gif Skip six times imitating another person green-arrow.gif Put on shoes but not tie laces

Building and creative activities are loved by children whether with blocks or cardboard boxes. You and your child can have a building centre with a variety of building materials including blocks, boxes and cardboard. Messy play is fun too with water, clay, mud or sand. Other activities include making and creating things with his/her hands. Scissors, crayons and paints and paper are important tools for the preschool child!

Making a family album with a page for each member of the family can be fun. Attach pictures of events or their favourite food, colour or activity to each page.

Matching and naming pictures can reinforce faces, colours, shapes, sizes and feelings. Finding the same picture and naming it helps the child begin to put objects into different classes and enhances the beginning of abstract thinking.

Active games such as climbing, jumping, and swinging. are a natural for children. Take advantage of nearby parks and safe areas where children can run around.

Reading activities shared by you and your child provide a chance to enjoy familiar and new stories. This is also a chance to introduce new words.

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