Your Child From 4� to 5� Years
From Observer to Explorer:
The Most Important Developmental Achievements
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Play cooperatively with 2 - 5 children green-arrow.gif Think out plan before making something
green-arrow.gif Enjoy going visiting green-arrow.gif Name a coin correctly
green-arrow.gif Be quite competitive green-arrow.gif Count objects past 10
green-arrow.gif Enjoy group play and circle time green-arrow.gif Attend to an activity for up to 20 minutes if interested
green-arrow.gif Become embarrassed to be seen nude green-arrow.gif Remember a play theme overnight
green-arrow.gif Make friends easily green-arrow.gif Name 5 colours
green-arrow.gif Show social skills of giving, sharing and receiving green-arrow.gif Remember stories and TV jingles
green-arrow.gif Show concern for children in distress green-arrow.gif Distinguish between 3 to 4 sizes
green-arrow.gif Maintain mood of calm and quiet much of the time
green-arrow.gif Sort objects by colour, shape, size
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Develop an interest in team sports and activities green-arrow.gif Understand number concepts
green-arrow.gif Has sleepovers with friends green-arrow.gif Write numbers up to 5 and some letters
green-arrow.gif Begin to plan social times with friends green-arrow.gif Understand calendar and clock
green-arrow.gif Put things in categories
green-arrow.gif Know days of week, months, seasons
green-arrow.gif Remember past events more clearly
green-arrow.gif Spell out very simple words
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Use vocabulary of 2200 to 3000 words green-arrow.gif Be industrious, and enjoy being busy making things
green-arrow.gif Enjoy using big words green-arrow.gif Exhibit more confidence, and self-assurance than last year
green-arrow.gif Remember name and address green-arrow.gif Accept authority, ask permission and respect rules
green-arrow.gif Use speech fluently and with grammatical correctness green-arrow.gif Ask to marry opposite sex parent
green-arrow.gif Use sentence of at least 5-6 words green-arrow.gif Begin to feel shame and guilt if he/she disobeys
green-arrow.gif Be 90% understandable to strangers green-arrow.gif Loves to giggle and tell jokes and riddles
green-arrow.gif Is aware of rules and tells others about them
green-arrow.gif Will integrate negative and positive views of self and others
green-arrow.gif Will have bad dreams and nightmares
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Remember birthday green-arrow.gif Develop an interest in team sports and activities
green-arrow.gif Understand left and right green-arrow.gif Has sleepovers with friends
green-arrow.gif Begin to plan social times with friends
Typically Can: Typically Can:
green-arrow.gif Use adult-like posture to throw and catch a ball green-arrow.gif Draw a person with most parts included
green-arrow.gif Walk up and downstairs alternating feet without support green-arrow.gif Copy square, circle and rectangle
green-arrow.gif Broad jump up to 3 feet green-arrow.gif Imitate building of 10 cube steps
green-arrow.gif Skip on both feet or gallop green-arrow.gif Do 7 - 8 piece puzzle
green-arrow.gif Walk along 2 inch balance beam green-arrow.gif Hold pencil between thumb and forefinger
green-arrow.gif Throw a small ball 19 feet green-arrow.gif Use same hand consistently
green-arrow.gif Jump to touch something green-arrow.gif Draw letters and numbers
green-arrow.gif Jump a 12 inch hurdle green-arrow.gif Cut and paste
green-arrow.gif Balance on either foot green-arrow.gif Wash hands and face
green-arrow.gif Run on tiptoes green-arrow.gif Dress if has plenty of time
green-arrow.gif Print name
green-arrow.gif Self-feed with little mess using fork and spoon
Emerging Skills: Emerging Skills:
green-arrow.gif Hop distance of 50 feet green-arrow.gif Tie shoelaces and bows
green-arrow.gif Accompany music with body movement (slow, heavy, soft, like a bear) green-arrow.gif Do up buttons and fasteners
green-arrow.gif Touch toes without bending knees green-arrow.gif Copy triangle

Activities that encourage exploration such as cooking provide opportunities for children to experiment with different materials. Talk to them about the changes that occur. Keep a creative box of scrap odds and ends, crayons, glue and give your child the chance to be creative. Games such as "I Spy" and tag have simple rules and allow turn-taking opportunities.

Letter and number games can be a fun part of daily routines. These can be an ideal opportunity to foster your child's understanding of numbers and letters. For instance, count the number of settings at the table, or identify words that start with the first letter of his/her name.

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