Building self-esteem:
    yellow-bullet.gif Value each child's uniqueness.
    yellow-bullet.gif Notice and respond to good behaviour, small improvements and special abilities.
    yellow-bullet.gif Provide comfort to children when they feel hurt, upset or in danger.
    yellow-bullet.gif Structure situations to help children experience feelings of success.
    yellow-bullet.gif Help children cope with failure.

Building personal skills:

    yellow-bullet.gif Children have so much to learn. Encourage all areas of development:
    - Gross motor: rolling, sitting up, walking, running, skipping
    - Fine motor: grasping, handling small pieces, building
    - Self-help: toileting, eating
    - Social: relating to others
    - Emotional: handling emotions
    - Intellectual: thinking, creating and problem-solving
    - Language: communicating to and understanding others
    yellow-bullet.gif Be a sensitive teacher. Try not to overwhelm a child with too much at once.
    yellow-bullet.gif Follow the child's lead. Most opportunities for learning occur naturally.
    yellow-bullet.gif Encourage pretend play. It builds imagination and helps children practice their new skills.
    yellow-bullet.gif Provide expectations about when, where and how to use these skills to meet the expectations of your home and those of your community, too.

Building good behaviour:
    yellow-bullet.gif Draw up a short list of "bottom-line" rules.
    yellow-bullet.gif Give reasons for the rules to help children understand their importance.
    yellow-bullet.gif Provide a united front with other caregivers about the rules.
    yellow-bullet.gif Be flexible in some areas, and let the child express his/her views around it.

Building joy:
    yellow-bullet.gif Give each child special individual time.
    yellow-bullet.gif Smile frequently. It enhances brain development!
    yellow-bullet.gif Find activities you and your child enjoy together.
    yellow-bullet.gif Remember, ordinary daily activities, like walks and reading at bedtime, are as important as special trips and holidays.
    yellow-bullet.gif Create and keep alive good, warm memories through family traditions, photos, special events and doing things together.

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