As you prepare to become a parent remember it's normal to:

1. Experience Highs and Lows

    yellow-bullet.gif Pregnancy can be an emotional high as well as an emotional low. Often when expectant parents are feeling low they forget that such feelings are normal. As excited as one may be about the life growing inside, one is also overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility and concerns about the impact this new life will have on their existing life.
    yellow-bullet.gif Pregnancy is a time of emotional and physical change so it's natural to feel overwhelmed with different kinds of emotions.

2. Have Lots of Worries
    yellow-bullet.gif It is normal to question whether or not you will be a good parent or whether the baby will be normal. There are available community resources to support new parents and help them develop their skills and confidence in parenting. All parents need help - don't be afraid to ask.
    yellow-bullet.gif Discuss any worries you may have with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. This may be your doctor, nurse, midwife, a friend or a member of your family.

3. Require Extra Emotional and Physical Support
    yellow-bullet.gif During pregnancy it is natural to feel the need for extra support both emotionally and physically.
    yellow-bullet.gif It is normal to feel irritable and moody at times, while feeling thrilled at other times.

4. To Help Yourself:
a. Eat well
    yellow-bullet.gif A healthy lifestyle that involves eating well (according to the recommended nutritional requirements for pregnant women), staying active, and regular care throughout pregnancy are some of the things you can do that will contribute to you and your baby's short and long term health.

b. Relax
    yellow-bullet.gif Make time for yourself on a daily basis. It is important that you give yourself time to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

c. Exercise
    yellow-bullet.gif Daily physical activity such as walking will help you reduce any stress you may be feeling (making sure your doctor has approved all physical exercise).

d. Plan ahead
    yellow-bullet.gif Plan ahead as much as possible. This may apply to your workplace or your home. At work, organize things so you can leave your job with everything in order. At home, you may want to get the baby's things ready, or prepare an older sibling for the new arrival.

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