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Welcome to the Comfort, Play & Teach™ Summer Activity Guide. Each week parents will find theme-based activities, including crafts, cooking and games, to share with children five and younger.

These activities invite parents to spend quality time with children and to support their learning and development during the summer months, whether staying at home, going to the cottage or doing some traveling.

More Tips for Summer

Each week you and your child can enjoy a variety of activities. These include:

Crafts: Your child will express her creativity as she explores different art techniques and materials like paint, stickers, crayons, food colouring and collage items.

Excursions: Many adventures await your child right around the corner from where you live that will promote active play and curiosity about events in his community.

Literacy Activities: Reading, writing and language skills will be supported as you and your child look at books, make up stories, use felt board pieces and create booklets together.

Websites: There are many appropriate websites that you can explore with your child where she will discover information, games, recipes, stories and craft ideas.

Videos/DVDs: Watching a film is a great way for your child to learn about different people, places and experiences and also to enjoy some quiet time with family or friends.

Cooking: Buying and exploring ingredients, following recipes and then tasting what he has prepared will help your child use many skills and learn to enjoy preparing and eating food.

Science & Nature: Looking at living things, reading books, exploring ingredients, conducting experiments and making observations all help your young scientist learn about her world.

Music and Movement: Listening and moving to music, making simple instruments, singing familiar songs and reciting and role-playing nursery rhymes all encourage your child to express himself through music.

Dramatic Play: Dress-up clothes, simple props, art materials, dolls and even rhymes can inspire your child’s imaginative play and help her to practice using language, social and physical skills.

Games/Physical Activities: Playing both active and quiet games will encourage your child to use physical skills and thinking skills and to enjoy learning in ways that are fun.

Download Your Summer Activities Below. Right click and choose 'save target as'. Requires Adobe Reader

Summer Activity Guide - Overview Chart (PDF)

Week 1: Noticing Nature (PDF)

Week 2: Beating the Heat (PDF)

Week 3: Awesome Art (PDF)

Week 4: Fantastic Food (PDF)

Week 5: Puppets, Rhymes and Story Time! (PDF)

Week 6: Indoor and Outdoor Games Galore (PDF)

Week 7: Dazzling Dinosaurs (PDF)

Week 8: Spectacular Outer Space (PDF)

Week 9: Back to School (PDF)

Download all-in-one (PDF)

Parents can easily adapt these ideas to their own plans and child’s unique interests. If you don’t want to make a collage using nature items, explore other art materials, like magazine pictures. If you feel that reading a book can be extended by making and playing with puppets, then explore this idea! If your child is not curious about dinosaurs but loves insects, allow the suggested weekly activities to guide the creation of your own special summer activity schedule.

You will discover endless possibilities for laughter and learning. Invest in Kids hopes you enjoy this time with your child and have a wonderful summer!

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