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Create handouts, activities and resources to help parents and caregivers learn simple ways to encourage a child's healthy development.
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Your name

Your name helps us personalize our site and our communications with you in various ways.

Your Profession

Letting us know what your profession is helps us choose content for our site that will be of better use to you and your profession. It also helps us personalize our site and our communications with professionals working with young children and their families.

E-mail address

Your e-mail address allows us communicate with you. For example, we use it to deliver Invest in Kids newsletters and respond to your questions.

Screen name

We ask you to create a unique screen name to give you access to the forums on our site. The forums help you explore new ideas and learn what colleagues are doing to support young children and families from across Canada.


Your password gives you access to non-public areas of the site, including our comprehensive Answers for Professionals and Comfort, Play & Teach sections.

Invest in Kid’s Privacy Policy

To learn more please visit our privacy policy.

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