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WebForum 2001: A Millennium Dialogue on Early Child Development was a partnership between Invest in Kids Foundation and Dr. Dan Keating of the University of Toronto. The goal of this initiative was is to work together with educational, funding and technological partners to create a multi-level international dialogue among diverse stakeholders working toward children's healthy development.

The main event of the Millennium Dialogue on Early Child Development was a live, face-to-face webcast event that took place on November 8 & 9, 2001. WebForum 2001 presented eight internationally renowned researchers in various early child development disciplines. The scientists included Dr. Dan Keating, Dr. Alicia Lieberman, Dr. Thomas Boyce, Dr. Megan Gunnar, Dr. Charles Nelson, Dr. Ronald Barr, Dr. Richard Tremblay and Sir Michael Rutter. Each prepared a description of the state of the art in his or her discipline with recommendations for optimal future research directions. The invited respondents to the presentations, included: Dr. Clyde Hertzman, Dr. Jenny Jenkins and Dr. Dan Offord. The full reports, as well as the video-streamed lectures and discussions have been edited and produced in an ePublication called 'Conversations on Society & Child Development.' Visit www.acscd.ca for more details.

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