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24, 2013 8:33 PM PDT Loading… Amanda Bynes ‘ parents are taking a cue from the now dog-eared Spears family playbook . The 27-year-old starlet’s mom and dad, Lynn and Rick, will be in court Friday morning to ask that a temporary conservatorship be established to give them control over their daughter’s financial and personal affairs, E! News has confirmed. Their decision comes after Bynes was detained Monday night on a 72-hour psychiatric hold after allegedly setting a fire in the driveway of a home near her parents’ house in Thousand Oaks, Calif. No injuries were reported and Bynes was not arrested, according to authorities, but bystanders have attested to seeing the actress’ pants on fire. PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes: Then & Now One witness described Bynes’ state at the time to E! News as “frantic and discombobulated.” Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies eventually caught up with her and, per a sheriff’s spokesperson, soon “determined that she met the criteria of a 5150 [hold],” meaning she had been deemed a potential danger to herself or others. The Ventury County Fire Department confirmed that they received a call about a “miscellaneous fire” at around 8:30 p.m. and the blaze was put out by local residents. Mark Sullivan/WireImage If a judge grants her parents’ request, they will be legally in charge of Bynes’ estate for whatever amount of time the court sees fit. Per California law, Rick and Lynn would need to show evidence that their daughter is unable to care for herself or otherwise handle her own affairs. A source told E!

Amanda Bynes Likes Girls and Boys, Says “Close Source”

And here I am to make fun of them. Now, according to a source close to the troubled actress, it appears that Amanda considers herself bisexual and held a months-long relationship with a female neighbor who lived in the same ritzy apartment complex she did. The source, also dubbed an insider in their report, added, She didnt really hide it or keep it a secret with those that were close to her, which wasnt really a lot of people. But she was sexually and romantically involved with a close female friend of hers. And a couple times she even had more than one woman in bed with her. Is this person someone who mightve been taking advantage of Amanda Bynes and her bank account while she was going through a mental breakdown? Sure sounds like that brand of treacherous leech to me. Clearly this isnt a real friend because a real friend wouldve burned half of Amandaa wigs and forced her to watch Girl, Interrupted. In any event, said source reiterated that Amanda isnt a lesbian, but says that being bisexual was something the Easy A star wasnt ready for the public or her family to know. My head hurts. The source added: She worried that her parents would be upset about it and its not a label she wanted publicly. But I dont really even know if Amanda is sure of her sexuality. I think she was just a little lost and yearning for love and attention anywhere she could get it. Hand me some Advil and direct this source a seat. Personally, Im more concerned about Amanda Bynes attraction to fire than I am the kind of crotch she enjoys near her nightstand. I cant wait for Amanda Bynes to find the proper dosage and stylist. That way she can date whomever she pleases and be in peace. Be it Drake, or Drakes girlfriend, or maybe both at the same damn time.

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Britney Spears parents’ obtained a conservatorship after a series of erratic incidents in 2008, including a much-publicized visit to a salon where she had her head shaved. In Spears’ case, her father has overseen her life with a court-ordered attorney since she was deemed legally incompetent. Under a conservatorship, a person turns over the most basic decisions in life about money, doctors and even where they live. In Bynes’ latest entanglement, a witness who called 911 reported seeing Bynes with a small gas can and was concerned it could explode. Andrew Liverpool told reporters he saw “this girl lying down here with her left pant leg on fire and there is this gas can right here and it is trailing fire.” Liverpool said when he went to help, she had already managed to snuff out the flames on her pant leg. The witness said Bynes was with a small dog and that when the man asked if she was OK, she said she was fine. As he was moving the gas can away and others arrived to help, he said, Bynes left the scene and he found her on the next block. He said she then tried to leave in a cab, but he told the driver not to take her. “When I look at her,” he said, he realized “it is Amanda Bynes.” He said Bynes claimed that her dog had been burned. Deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of Avenida de los Arboles about 8:46 p.m. “There was a call about a small fire that she’d apparently set in front of the residence, kind of out on a sidewalk on the concrete,” Sgt. Eric Buschow said.

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