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Toilet Training: Away from home

Here are a few ideas to help with your child's toilet training when she is away from home:

  • When taking your child shopping or out for errands, encourage her to use the potty before you leave home. Make sure her clothes are loose, so that you can take them off quickly at a public washroom. Bring along extra diapers and training pants. While out, check with your child to find out when you should head for the washroom. Take her to the washroom after she has had any food or drink, and make sure to stay with her while she uses the toilet, especially in unfamiliar places.

  • Teach your child standard terms, like "pee" and "poo" so that daycare teachers and other caregivers will know what your child is talking about when he asks to go.

  • Talk to your child's caregivers about your expectations for toilet training. Explain to them what stage your child is at, and what kind of routine he is used to at home. This will help make toilet training a more positive, consistent experience for your child, no matter where he is.

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