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Crying: How to comfort my baby

If you can't seem to comfort your crying baby, here are a few ideas that might help:

  • Try to create a womb-like experience by wrapping your baby up in a nice soft, warm blanket and holding him close to you - rhythmic rocking, gentle singing, playing soft music or having a ticking clock nearby sometimes helps as well.

  • Sometimes, babies who are held a lot actually prefer a blanket on the floor, space to move around and mom near by.

  • Try giving your baby a gentle massage, warming her feet or even gently exercising your baby's legs by making them move as if peddling a bicycle.

  • Some babies relax when riding in a car or by listening to the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Ask your friends or relatives what soothing techniques have worked for their babies, or ask your doctor to make some suggestions.

There may be times when it seems as though absolutely nothing you try is working. When this happens, don't just leave your baby to cry. Babies need to feel your presence.

With time, you'll learn what the different cries mean and it will be a lot easier to soothe your baby.

In the meantime, ask your partner, friend or relative to help look after the baby so that you can get a break.

If you're finding that you just can't deal with the crying, or if your baby is crying a lot, contact your child's physician immediately. If you are in Canada, and you wish to speak to a counsellor about this, contact Parent Help Line, 1-888-603-9100.

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