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Arguments with My Partner: Its effect on my child

Many parents argue occasionally. As long as most of the issues are resolved, this is not only normal but also healthy. If, however, arguing is happening so frequently that it seems to be your way of life, and if you're staying upset and really aren't settling anything, the arguing can be damaging to your children.

Here are some feelings which children generally experience when parents argue:

  • Children have conflicting loyalties when their parents argue.

  • Children may feel responsible, especially if their parents are arguing over them.

  • Children may learn to think arguing is the only way to solve conflicts.

  • Children may become frightened that their parents will separate and leave.

Consequently, parental arguing can lead to a number of child difficulties including: hostility, difficulty controlling anger, problems concentrating, anxious behaviours and even slow development in gaining new skills, such as toilet training.

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