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Parenting: Teaching patience

Most children go through phases where they want things NOW! But they are too young to understand that they can't have their way all of the time. This is especially true for toddlers who are crawling or beginning to walk and are exploring their environment. But most of the period from age one to age six is given over to learning that some things are off limits or require patience.

Here are some suggestions for encouraging your child to be patient:

  • Try to childproof your house and eliminate temptations so that your child can continue to explore his world, without constant reminding of what he cannot do.

  • Encourage your child to participate in making decisions and give her some freedoms, such as allowing her to choose between different types of clothes, snacks or toys. Allowing her to have some choices will communicate to your child that you respect her individuality. If children feel that they have some input, they are less likely to become demanding.

  • Make sure that you give your child the attention he needs. Some children are impatient so that their parents will give them some attention.

  • Remember to set limits and be consistent. It may seem easier to ignore certain instances of demanding behaviour. However, this creates a risk of encouraging it. Be patient. Remember that helping your child learn to be patient takes lots of patience on your part.

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