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Safe Kids Canada: You can prevent Falls

From Safe Kids Canada

Falls can cause permanent brain and head injuries. Know how to keep your child safe!

Safety check
Move furniture away from windows and balcony rails. This helps stop children from climbing out.
Put window guards on all windows on the second floor and above. These act like a gate in front of the window. Or fasten the windows so that they cannot open more than 10 centimetres (4 inches). A window screen will not stop your child from falling.
Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs to protect babies and toddlers.
Keep one hand on your baby or toddler at all times during diaper changes. This will keep him or her from rolling off the change table or bed.
Use the safety strap to keep your child sitting down in a shopping cart. Always use the safety strap in your child’s high chair and stroller as well.

Did you know?
  • Baby walkers with wheels are dangerous! They are not being made in Canada anymore. However, many old walkers are still being used. If you have one, throw it out.
  • Children have rolled down stairs and suffered serious head injuries in baby walkers. Use an activity centre without wheels instead.
The facts on preventing Falls

On the stairs
Make sure safety gates are properly installed to keep babies and toddlers from falling down stairs. Use gates at the top and bottom of stairs. A gate at the bottom will keep your child from climbing the stairs.

Do not use a pressure gate at the top of stairs. A pressure gate stays in place using pressure. It could fall over when your child leans on it. Instead, use a gate that needs to be anchored to the wall or banister.

Keep stairs and landings at the top of stairs clear of toys or anything else that your child might trip over.

Around the house
Use the safety strap in the high chair to keep your child from falling out. Do not let your baby stand up in a high chair or climb up the sides of the chair.

Put up the sides of the crib and playpen. Keep large toys and stuffed animals out of the crib or playpen. A child can use them to climb over the side.

Wipe up spills quickly to prevent falls in the kitchen and bathroom.

Do not put your baby’s car seat or baby seat on a table or counter. It could be knocked to the ground.

Use a rubber bath mat or non-slip stickers to make the bathtub less slippery.

Tape loose rugs to the floor to keep your child from tripping.

Tape foam over sharp corners on your tables so that your child’s head will not be hurt if he or she bumps into them.

At the playground
Keep children under 5 off equipment that is higher than 1.5 metres (5 feet).

Stand right beside your child when he or she is climbing, riding in a swing, or playing on equipment above the ground. You should be close enough to stop him or her from falling.

The ground should have soft rubber mats or lots of sand, pea gravel, or wood chips. If the surface in your playground is not deep and soft, keep your child on equipment that is close to the ground.

Keep your child off equipment that is meant for older children. If your child needs help to climb onto a piece of equipment, he or she should not use it. It is meant for older children.

Only let your child use equipment that has good handrails, barriers, and railings to prevent falls.

For more information, call Safe Kids Canada at 1 800 SAFE TIPS or visit www.safekidscanada.ca.

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