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Institute for Professionals Using Centre-Based Interventions with High-Risk Families

This Institute is designed for early childhood educators working with high-risk families and their young children in child care centres. Professionals will enhance their skills and knowledge of early intervention and prevention strategies within the context of the child care setting (and the opportunities and limitations such a setting offers). This Institute blends current research and practice over 3 days and explores such topics as risk and protective factors, child development, centre-based intervention strategies, cultural sensitivity, and implications for daily programming for groups of children.

The Institute is designed to address the unique opportunities available to early childhood educators in child care centres. Front-line staff in child care settings will have their understanding of the kinds of interventions they can offer a child, who may be living in a circumstance of high risk, enhanced. The structure of the child care environment along with the expertise of staff are an effective way to provide intervention and prevention strategies for high risk children and their families.

Institute Features:
The Institute provides a rich and engaging learning environment that includes:
  • A comprehensive manual prepared by Canadian experts in early childhood education, early intervention, child development, and family support.
  • Evidence based strategies for centre based interventions.
  • References to additional information and resources.
  • Diverse learning formats including group work, expert presentation, video analysis, case studies and professionally designed simulations.
  • Customized to reflect provincial programs and structures by IKF Training Specialist and experts.
  • Delivered by a blend of Invest in Kids Foundation and provincially-based experts.
Institute Goals:
  • To raise the level of knowledge and skills of professionals who work with high-risk families with young children in a child care setting.
  • Affirm the valuable role of the early childhood educator in the lives of families.
  • Enhance the competency of professionals in collaborating, gaining access to resources, and working in an interdisciplinary way to benefit families.
  • Facilitate the integration of new insights, knowledge, and skills in participants' own practice of identifying, reaching, engaging, and building effective relationships with high-risk families.

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