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Invest in Kids commissioned a National Survey of Parents of Young Children to understand their knowledge, confidence, feelings and skills as parents. The survey of 1,643 parents is representative of both of Canada's official languages, the regions of Canada, the distribution of income and education of parents and the proportion of single and married parents.

However, what makes this report unique is the extensive analysis of important subgroups of parents -- especially fathers. Although fathers are very important in the lives of infants and young children, this is the only national survey which, because it includes equal numbers of mothers and fathers, is able to compare what mothers and fathers know, think, feel and do as parents. Additionally the report delves into comparisons of younger versus older parents, first-time versus experienced parents, single mothers versus married mothers and fulltime working mothers versus part-time working mothers versus stay-at-home mothers. We think you will be intrigued with the findings.

Please feel free to download the Executive Summary and the Full Report below. Or visit our store to purchase a bound hardcopy of the report.

(Parent Poll - Full Report)

(Parent Poll - Executive Summary)

To purchase a bound copy of the report, please click here.

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