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Battle of the Brains 2002
April 18th

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Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of scientific knowledge about what kids need to get the best start in life. We now know the first five years are pivotal in shaping a child's ability to think, to love, to trust, and to develop a strong and positive sense of themselves. That's because most of brain development occurs after birth--much of it before the age of five.

We also know that how we care for our children in these years has a profound impact on their emotional, social, and intellectual development. And that's because a child's early experiences' good or bad, lay the foundation for the rest of life.

At Invest in Kids Foundation we are working through research, public education and awareness, and training, to provide the skills Canadians need to make a difference.

Invest in Kids
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The years before five last the rest of their lives.