Location: High Risk Area: Each demonstration of the model operates in a high risk geographic area.

Focus: Families with Pregnant Mothers, Infants and Young Children: Programs are created for families when the mother first learns she is pregant, and families with infants and young children up to the age of six.

Access: universal: Within the geographic area Growing Together programs are offered to all parents with young children

Accessibility: time, location, transportation, child care: Each demonstration of the model will endeavour to provide programs at times when parents can come, in a simple to find location, with easy access to transportation and with child care provided.

Services: Partnerships and Collaboration: Growing Together programs are provided by a partners who co-operate to provide the essential program components. Each Growing Together model also consists of a network of agencies that provide early intervention services.

Funders: Multiple: The Growing Together model is funded by a variety of public and private sector funders.

Location: Central and Accessible: Each Growing Together model must have a central location within the geographic area it serves. The location should be accessible to families who use the services and should house some of the programming and administration of the program. It needs to be identified as the nerve centre of the program within the area. It is not enough to have a virtual network of services without a physical centre, and the physical identity that comes with it. Growing Together programs will operate in convenient locations and during non-traditional hours to reach out to families. When necessary Growing Together will provide childcare and other supports to encourage active participation in the programs.

Outreach: Home Visiting: Each model must provide home visiting for all families in the immediate postnatal period. Home visits will be provided on an ongoing basis to families who are isolated, cannot attend the centre-based programs or whose children are believed to be at-risk for compromised development. The duration, function and content of the home visits is based on the needs of the family. Community home visitors are hired to meet the multi-ethnic diversity of the community.

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