Adaptation: to reach the Most At-Risk Families: Certain programs will be developed in each Growing Together site to reach the most at-risk families.

Range of Services: Full: The program will provide a range of services at the centre including parenting groups, skill-based programs, and interventions directly for children. These will provide parents with opportunities to meet other parents and thus to reduce isolation and will reduce the number of families who need on-going home visiting. Each Growing Together model must provide a full range of services appropriate for families who face significant challenges and for those families whose needs are for information on child development and parenting.

Parent Participation: in the Design and Provision of the Model: Parents have meaningful and significant roles in the design and implementation of the Growing Together model.

Quality: continuous monitoring of quality of services: Growing Together staff have a high level of professional training and programs are of high quality through adequate resourcing, support and planning. Staff regularly review risk assessments, case formulations and case reviews in order to evaluate the progress of families. Other program components are monitored by the collection of regular statistics.

Evaluation: Each site will establish and maintain an Information Management System (IMS) in order to provide information on an on-going basis on client characteristics and participation and the number and type of programs being offered. Each demonstration of the model will agree to participate in and collaborate in the design and implementation of a cross-site evaluation framework.


Service Providers: Multidisciplinary Team: Professionals from public health, mental health and social services, as well as the community home visitors, form a multi-disciplinary team to provide the Growing Together interventions and programs.

Professional Relationships: Training and Mentoring: Growing Together staff will provide ongoing training and support to a variety of students and volunteers.

Relationships: Hands-on Team collaboration: have weekly team meetings to jointly address program, client and community issues. The relationships among professionals are a true collaboration of the highest calibre, generated from mutual respect and commitment to families and children.

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