Child Development Is The Focus; Although many of the programs are provided directly for parents and caregivers, the focus and goal of Growing Together is the healthy development of children.

Ecological or Transactional: The Growing Together model views child development as unfolding in the context of multiple interdependent systems of influence of the child, parent-child interaction, family, community and society. This perspective guides the assessment and intervention strategies of the program.

Respect, Trust and Caring: All relationships at Growing Together must reflect respect, trust and caring for all involved - program participants, staff and community members.

Flexible, Culturally Sensitive Services: Growing Together programs provide services that are flexible, and linguistically and culturally appropriate to effectively address the cultural diversity reflected in each locale.

Consideration of Strengths and Protective Factors: All Growing Together programs will build on participants' assets and strengths, while at the same time developing interventions to alleviate risks.

Seamless Services: Families involved in the Growing Together model can pass easily from one service to another as needs are identified, risks are alleviated or the family becomes willing to accept a particular service.

Professionalism: will be highly valued and strongly supported.

Parent and Community Leader Participation: Each Growing Together demonstration will model best practices in meaningful, significant parent and community leader participation in both planning and implementing the local approach.

High Quality: All programs will be delivered at the highest quality to ensure the greatest impact. Access to training, supervision, and appropriate compensation are just some of the features that contribute to quality and will be addressed by the program.

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