Growing Together is a unique program that utilizes proven methods of early intervention and prevention designed to ensure the healthy development of young children in high-risk neighborhoods. The program supports families through home visiting. Information and help through parent training, and guidance and resources for families who need assistance.

      Invest in Kids Foundation supports the program in three provinces. In St. Jamestown, Toronto, we partner with the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre and the Toronto Public Health department, in the Montreal district of Plamondon, C�te-des-Neiges we work with Sainte-Justine Hospital and Centre Local de Services Communautaires (CLSC), and a third program has just been launched in Dartmouth and Cape Breton, in partnership with the I.W.K. Grace Hospital and the Nova Scotia Government.


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The following evaluations were conducted on the St. James Town Site in 1997:

A Short-Term Impact Evaluation of the Growing Together Program
A study of the immediate impact of the Growing Together Program on its participants including assessing clients' knowledge or skill improvements, attitudinal and behavioural changes.
Executive Summary
PDF File 169pgs.

A Process Evaluation of the Growing Together Program
A study of a one year (1996), retrospective examination of the program's activities, procedures and routines.
Executive Summary
PDF File 187pgs.

Parent Poll: A National Survey of Parents with Children under 6: In January 1999, Invest in Kids sponsored a national survey of 1,645 households with children under six. The purpose of the survey was to determine whether parents know about the importance of the first five years, the pivotal role of parents during that period, and whether parents are confident of their ability to care for their young children.
Executive Summary
Report on Highlights PDF File 40 pgs

NEEDS ASSESSMENT: Training for Professionals Who Work with Young Children: A survey across Ontario to examine whether key topics on healthy child development including the recent research on brain development, attachment and developmental milestones, are in the standard repertoire of professionals who regularly work with infants and young children.
Executive Summary
Pdf File 10pg. (Condensed Report)

Effective Services Research Review: A worldwide review of the scientific evidence of effective programs for enhancing the healthy social, emotional and cognitive development of infants and young children. The purpose of this review was to determine what interventions/programs are well supported with solid scientific evidence, and what interventions/programs require additional replication with rigorous research designs.

Drs. Patricia Mrazek and C. Hendricks Brown of Prevention Technologies, Bethesda, Maryland, conducted this research review. It was guided by nationally respected Canadian experts on early child development: Dr. Susan Bradley (Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto), Drs. Nancy Cohen and Sarah Landy (Hincks-Dellcrest Institute, Toronto), Drs. Ellen Lipman and Harriett MacMillan (McMaster University) and Dr. Ray de V. Peters (Queen's University).

The complete report will be ready for public dissemination by september 1999.

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