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Life with the Zap Family

Welcome to Life with the Zap Family! These animated characters help provide useful, friendly messages about parenting. They are also featured on Get Set For Life on CBC.

The Zaps represent a mother, father, baby, toddler and preschooler. You can interpret the baby as a boy or girl - take your pick. Toddler Zap is a girl about three years old. The preschooler, Junior Zap, is a boy about four and a half. Although these characters are called The Zap Family, the messages usually feature just one parent and one child. Thus, single-parent families will find much that applies to their circumstances.

Within this section you have a chance to view the Zap Family and relate to their situations with your own child and family. Everyone viewing the Zap messages will bring their own experiences and viewpoint to them - and everyone gets different things out of them. And that's great, because there isn't any one way to parent.

Watch the Zap Family Videos

Welcome to the Zap Family
Babies: A developmental overview
Baby Zap's Bathtime
Baby Zap’s Special Cuddle
Baby Zap's First Word
Baby Zap in Conversation
Baby Zap Needs a Hug
Baby Zap Wants to Do it Herself
Baby Zap Wants to Play Ball
The Walls are Closing in on Baby Zap's Mom
Welcome to the Zap Family
Toddler Zap Chooses for Herself
Toddler Zap Gives First Aid
Toddler Zap’s Superhero
Toddler Zap Shares Her World
Toddler Zap Gets Creative
Toddler Zap Gets Dropped Off at Daycare
Toddler Zap Gets Out of Mom's Sight
Toddler Zap Gets Wound Up Before Bed
Toddler Zap Goes Shopping With Dad
Toddler Zap Goes to a Party
Toddlers: A developmental overview
Welcome to the Zap Family
Junior Zap is Afraid of the Clown
Junior Zap Learns to Ride a Bike
Junior Zap Plays a Tune
Junior Zap "Plays" Mom and Dad Against Each Other
Junior Zap Builds a Sandcastle
Junior Zap Doesn't Finish His Dinner
Junior Zap Dresses Himself
Junior Zap Gets More Control Than He Can Handle
Junior Zap Interrupts Mom
Junior Zap Plays Hockey
Junior Zap Spends Time With Dad
Junior Zap Throws a Tantrum
Preschoolers: A developmental overview

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