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Monthly Survey

Sharing the work and the joy

We recognize partners share in the care of their children in different ways. In many families, fathers are very involved with their children and find that, with a little experience, they are very capable of caring for their children. Research shows that fathers can play a very special role in their children's lives.

1. Do you feel that there is a healthy balance of parenting responsibilities in your home between you and your partner?

2. What are at home ideas you think can help balance parenting between you and your partner? (Check all that apply)
Encourage your partner to have some alone time with your child
Make sure that your partner is offered praise for their positive care-giving
Take a look at how work time/child time can be consciously balanced between you and your partner
Talking with my partner about their becoming more involved with childcare
Having our families reinforce that it’s good to have my partner share in the parenting of our child

3. What external changes to parenting do you think would help your balance between you and your partner?
Affordable child care help offered during the day
Affordable child care offered in the evenings/on weekends
More commonplace corporate acceptance for parenting needs—flextime, some at home workdays, daycare on site
More playgroups scheduled for the hours of a working partner
Book/magazine recommendations to share with my partner about the benefit of their involvement in our child’s upbringing

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