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Answers for Parents

Discipline/Guiding Behaviour:
What discipline is and how to be effective.

Chores: When they don't get done
Discipline: Nagging my child
Discipline: What is it?
Discipline: Why do children misbehave?
Feeding: When babies and toddlers throw food
Losing my Temper: Is it harmful to yell at my child?
Parenting: How to guide behaviour
Parenting: Teaching patience
Setting Limits: Biting
Setting Limits: General information
Setting Limits: Is it okay to spank my child?
Setting Limits: Lying
Setting Limits: My child won't clean up her toys
Setting Limits: Swearing
Setting Limits: Time Outs
Setting Limits: When a child won't follow the rules
Setting Limits: When to start
Sharing: What to expect
Temper Tantrums: Causes
Temper Tantrums: How to cope
Temper Tantrums: In public
Temper Tantrums: Prevention
Whining: Causes
Whining: How to reduce it

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