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Coping: Tips on controlling anger

Here is a list of time-honoured ways to control your anger:

  • count to 10 or more
  • listen to music
  • throw a pillow
  • walk away
  • scream into a pillow
  • have a bath
  • call someone on the telephone
  • get outside
  • stamp feet
  • get kids to join in
  • warn people - say "I'm angry"
  • use humour to break a mood
  • exercise
  • breathe deeply
  • change routine
  • clean dishes, house
  • get rid of what causes the stress
  • turn TV on
  • write it down
  • cry

To be able to control anger you need:

  • enough sleep
  • healthy food
  • exercise

Signs of anger:

  • heart beats faster
  • head hurts
  • feel agitated, tense
  • eyes bug out
  • shake
  • lips get tight
  • clench teeth, hands or toes
  • raise voice
  • cry, get emotional
  • voice shaky
  • pace room
  • slam doors
  • throw things
  • turn music on loud

Adapted from material produced by: Janice Webb, Better Beginnings for Kingston Children.

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