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Get Set For Life

Get Set For Life is a national public education campaign created by CBC Television, Invest in Kids, Canadian Living and Coup de pouce magazines, in collaboration with Health Canada. Get Set For Life is generously supported by the Lipton and Sunlight brands.

With the help of the animated Zap family, Get Set For Life brings you Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™ - the latest in child development research translated for you into useful, friendly, everyday parenting ideas, developed by the experts at Invest in Kids.

You can check out Get Set For Life: on CBC, Monday to Saturday mornings with co-hosts Alyson and Michael and the animated Zap Family; in Canadian Living and Coup de pouce magazines through monthly columns with helpful parenting tips; on the web by visiting to find out lots of useful information about parenting issues and more on Comfort, Play & Teach.

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