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Years Before 5 Resource Kit

This kit is a vibrant, 24-page tablet created by Invest in Kids filled with information and recommendations from our experts about how we can all give children the best start in life. To date, 400,000 kits have been distributed to individuals and organizations across Canada, including 250,000 kits to Ontario Health Units to be distributed to parents of newborns through Ontario's "Healthy Babies, Healthy Children" program.

Invest in Kids has also designed a complete presentation package for professionals working with parents to accompany the "Years Before Five" Parent Resource Kit. Our "Ready To Go" Parent Education Package includes coloured overheads and presentation speaking notes that outline the importance of the early years, a summary of infant, toddler and preschooler characteristics, details on how to encourage development at different ages and stages and ten "Years Before Five" Resource Kits.

Click here to order a free copy of our Resource Kit, or purchase a quantity of these kits or the "Ready To Go" Parent Education Package.

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