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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Fine Motor Development: Your Baby at One Month

Fine Motor Development means mastering precise and accurate small muscle movements of the fingers and hands in order to reach, grasp and manipulate small objects.

Typical Skills
  • Stares at colourful objects 8 – 14 inches away
  • Follows person with eyes while lying on back
  • Generally keeps hands closed in a fist or slightly open
  • When fingers are pried open (usual position is a fist), grasps handle of spoon or rattle, but drops it quickly
Emerging Skills
  • Holds object for a few moments without any intent or purpose
  • Coordinates eyes better to track moving objects
  • Becomes fascinated by her own hands

If you do this:

  • Take your baby’s hands and gently rub them on your face
  • Move your face slowly from side to side in front of your baby’s face
  • Watch, feel and learn about your face
  • Learn to track objects by looking and following your face with his eyes
If you do this:

  • Suspend a colourful toy over the crib
  • With baby lying on her back, alternate the position of her head and feet in the crib
  • Practice looking at things when on her back
  • Look at objects from different positions/perspectives; also prevents “flathead” condition
If you do this:

  • Give your baby a rattle to hold
  • Learn to grasp an object briefly