The Power of Parenting

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Capital One, a long-standing Partner in Parenting, generously provided funding for the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre to visit a number of communities across Canada. Beginning the first week of November 2008, the Centre made tour stops in each of the following cities - London, Hamilton, Richmond, and Winnipeg - before wrapping up in early December.

In April 2008, Capital One sponsored the creation of their very own Comfort, Play & Teach Centre, as well as a tour at Avalon Mall and Mile One Centre in St. John's, NFLD, as part of the TYLENOL® Players' Championship, the eighth and final leg of the 2007-2008 Capital One Grand Slam of Curling series. Capital One previously brought the Centre to Atlantic Canada in the fall of 2006 and to Calgary, Alberta in the summer of 2007.

Here's the communities we visited with the Capital One Comfort, Play & Teach Centre Tour:

Friday November 7, 2020 to Sunday November 9, 2020 at Masonville Mall in London, ON

Friday November 14, 2020 to Sunday November 16, 2020 at Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton, ON

Friday November 21, 2020 to Sunday November 23, 2020 at Richmond Centre in Richmond, BC

Friday November 28, 2020 to Sunday November 30, 2020 at Polo Park Shopping Centre in Winnipeg, MB

What is the Comfort, Play and Teach Centre™?

Together, the four activity areas of the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre combine to create a physically unique, interactive, engaging and educational environment in which parents can practice the principles of Comfort, Play & Teach with their child.

The bright colours and oversized design of the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre create a visually appealing, attractive and enticing environment for parents and children.

By participating in activities together, kids have fun and parents experience how simple, everyday moments can be used to fully support the healthy social, emotional and intellectual development of their child.

Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™ provides a practical and engaging pathway to Positive Parenting by showing parents how to turn everyday moments into positive parenting opportunities, opening a world of possibilities for both parent and child.

The Comfort, Play & Teach Centre's Activities

Opportunities for parents and children to interact are maximized through the variety of activities offered within the four centres which comprise the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre:

The Sculpture Centre: For designing and building fabulous creations!

The Reading Centre: For discovering how words and pictures magically combine to make stories!

The Imaginative Play Centre: Where imaginations run free with the aid of fun costumes and wacky mirrors!

The Creative Centre: For drawing and creating unique works of art, and then proudly showing them off!

Thank you to Capital One for their continued generous support!