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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Tip Sheets 2

Tip Sheets

Halloween Tip Sheets

Invest in Kids’ Halloween Tip Sheets are full of activities and ideas to help make Halloween fun for the whole family.  When you add Comfort, Play & Teach, you'll also support your child's social, emotional and  intellectual development.

  Halloween Tip Sheet (PDF)-Comfort, Play & Teach
  Halloween Tip Sheet (PDF)-Turn Fright Night into Fun Night
Enjoy the Halloween Tip Sheets as you and your child share Comfort, Play & Teach™ moments together.

To help you encourage your child's social, emotional and intellectual development, we have created Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™. This simple approach is built on every day activities that are part of a parent's daily routine.

Comfort: When you comfort your child, she learns to feel secure, loved and valued.

Play: When you play with your child, he learns to explore and discover the world and his role in it.

Teach: When you teach your child, she learns how to relate to others, solve problems and communicate.

More Tip Sheets

Aggression Tip Sheets

  Aggression and Your Baby (PDF)
 Aggression and Your Toddler (PDF)
  Aggression and Your Preschooler (PDF)

Back to School Guides

Choosing Child Care or Kindergarten (PDF)
Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten (PDF)

Summer Activity Guides

Adventures Close to Home (PDF)
Resting and Relaxing With Your Child (PDF)
Supporting Your Child's Physical Development (PDF)
Learning Through Play (PDF)

March Break Guide

March Break Guide - Part 1 (PDF)
March Break Guide - Part 2 (PDF)

Winter Guide
Winter Guide 1 (PDF)
Winter Guide 2 (PDF)

More Tip Sheets

Strengthen Family Ties While Building New Traditions (PDF)

Father's Day Comfort, Play & Teach Tipsheet (PDF)

Fathers Can and Do Make a Difference (PDF)

Preparing Your Child to Move to a New Home (PDF)

Mother's Day 2008 (PDF)

Guiding Your Child's Television Viewing Habits (PDF)

Selecting a Camp or Recreation Program for your Child (PDF)

Make the most of Special Events (PDF)

Sibling Rivalry (PDF)

Enjoying TV, DVDs, Computer Games and the Internet (PDF)

Traveling with Children (PDF)

Summer Safety (PDF)

Preparing Children for when their Parents will be away (PDF)

Caring about the Environment (PDF)

Speaking two languages at home (PDF)

Parent Involvement (PDF)

Enjoying Music with Your Infant, Toddler or Preschooler (PDF)

Gardening with Your Child (PDF)

Reading with Your Child (PDF)

Indoor Activities for Winter (PDF)

Cooking with your Child (PDF)

Giving Vs. Getting - Helping children find holiday balance (PDF)

You & Your Baby: Ease your Family’s Holiday Stress (PDF)

You & Your Toddler: Ease your Family’s Holiday Stress (PDF) 

You & Your Preschooler: Ease your Family’s Holiday Stress (PDF) 

Comfort, Play & Teach™ Tips: Comforting your Child (PDF)

Make the Most of Bedtime or Anytime by Reading to your Child (PDF)

Make Vacation Travel with Young Children More Pleasurable for All (PDF)

Comfort, Play with & Teach™ & Outdoor Winter Activities (PDF)