The Power of Parenting

Sunday, 08 November 2020

Ways to Give (New)

Ways to Give

Supporting Parents, Supporting Children

Without a doubt we would all subscribe to the ideal of a Canada where parents are the parents they dream of being, all children reach their full potential and parents and children are valued and supported in the communities in which they live and work.

We all have a role to play if we are to make that vision a reality. By supporting Invest in Kids, our donors are making investments in our country’s future. It is a fact that sensitive, responsive parenting can positively impacts the social, emotional and intellectual development of young children. Most Canadians do not realize the scale of the challenges we face: 30% of children under six have a behavioural or cognitive problem that requires intervention. Canadian research has shown that these problems impact children from all backgrounds and all walks of life - this is a universal issue.

Invest in Kids knows from our conversations with Canada’s parents that they:

  • Want to do the best job possible in their parenting role because they know what’s at stake;
  • Struggle with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the effective parents they dream of being;
  • Feel isolated and unsupported and they are afraid to ask for help.

With your help, we bridge the gap between the intentions and abilities of parents and help create a Canada where parents and children are valued!

Your donation to Invest in Kids supports our mission. This means your gifts fund:

  • Research – discussions with parents about their experiences.
  • Development of parent supports – training for professionals who work with parents, parent education programs and resources that are informed by our own research on parent life and our understanding of child development.
  • Parent outreach – our website and other initiatives to reach parents with the information and support we know they want and need!

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, there are many ways in which you can support our work.

Find out how you can contribute:

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