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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

 Join Invest in Kids’ corporate sponsors and become a valued community member to thousands of families, parents and professionals across Canada.


Invest in Kids Events

From Battle of the Brains®, to the Invest in Kids Celebrity Golf Classic, to Comfort, Play & Teach Centre tours, we have a multitude of opportunities for event sponsorship! 

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Comfort, Play & Teach™ Resources

Comfort, Play & Teach™ - it’s all about positive parenting! Invest in Kids has developed a number of resources to provide parents with the tips and activities using the Comfort, Play & Teach™ approach to make the most of the everyday moments with their child. Using this information, parents will help support their child's social, emotional and intellectual development.


Welcome To Parenting Kits

For first-time parents and care takers of newborns. The Welcome to Parenting Kit is the ideal starter kit for new parents with practical resources to help encourage baby’s social, emotional and intellectual development.


New Ideas? Please Share with Us!

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Your involvement will help us reach many more parents and professionals who are eager to obtain Invest in Kids’ parenting and child development-related resources. The demand for our educational and training resources is mounting day by day. We rely on your assistance in fulfilling these requests.

Whatever Invest in Kids program you decide to support, we take care that your involvement will be tailored to meet your corporate objectives. We appreciate your consideration of our organization, programs and activities, and thank you for choosing Invest in Kids as the charity of your choice.

For additional information, please contact Jane Eisbrenner, Vice President, Business Development at [email protected].