The Power of Parenting

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Seed Shakers

How many different seeds can you find in your pantry? Dried beans, popping corn and even tiny mustard seeds can be used to make simple shakers. Here is a simple Comfort, Play & Teach™ activity that will help your child explore seeds and sounds all at the same time!


You will need:
  • Clear plastic “child-proof” bottles
  • Assorted seeds (e.g., sunflower, pumpkin, dried fava beans, corn kernels, caraway seeds)



  • Fill each plastic bottle part way with a different seed. Ensure that the lids are securely on the containers.
  • Talk about the different seeds. What kind are they? Where do they come from? How do they help new plants grow?
  • If you have a seed catalogue or a grocery store flyer, try to show your child a picture of the plants that produce each seed.
  • Play a recording of your child’s favourite music and encourage him to shake each bottle and explore the sounds that each different seed makes.


Enjoy this more with Comfort, Play & Teach™:

Comfort:Encourage your child’s curiosity about the shakers. If he points to a bottle, label the seeds inside for him. Clap along as she shakes a bottle and tell her what beautiful music she is making. Your child will love all the special attention you show him and know that you are interested in what he is learning!

Play:Using the containers for shaking and making music will help your child to think creatively. She will discover that she can explore the seeds using not just her eyes but also her ears. Make up a silly song together about seeds and plants!

Teach:Older children will be very curious about the names of the different seeds. Print the names of each seed on sticky labels and place these on the containers to encourage your child’s interest in letters and words.