Ages and Stages

      The first five years of life is a time of enormous growth and change for your child: socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Knowing what to expect at your child's particular "age and stage" may help you to enhance your child's development. Take a look through our guide to healthy child development to find out about your child's most important developmental milestones and suggested games and activities for you and your baby.


The Most Important Developmental Milestones:

Games and Activities For You and Your Baby:

Your Child from Birth to 6 Months: From Newborn to Baby

Birth to 6 Months

Your Child from 6 to 18 Months: From Dependence to Independence

6 to 18 Months

Your Child from 1� to 2 � Years: From Early Toddler to the Terrific Twos

1� to 2 � Years

Your Child from 2 � to 3 � Years: From Terrific Twos to Delightful Threes

2 � to 3 � Years

Your Child from 3 � to 4 � Years: From Observer to Explorer

3 � to 4 � Years

Your Child from 4 � to 5 � Years: From Observer to Explorer

4 � to 5 � Years

      Thank you to Dr. Sarah Landy of the Hincks-Dellcrest Institute, Advisor to Invest in Kids Foundation, for allowing Invest in Kids to produce these materials.

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