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Thursday, 03 December 2020

Gross Motor Development: Your Baby at Four Months

Gross Motor Development allows a child to gain balance and bring large muscles under control in order to master physical activities such as sitting, crawling, walking, running, climbing, jumping and generally enjoy all that his body allows him to do.

Typical Skills
  • Lifts head and chest when on her stomach and supports herself on forearms or on outstretched arms
  • Turns head in all directions to follow a toy when lying on stomach
  • Brings both hands to chest and keeps head in midline when lying on back
  • Holds head steady when supported in a sitting position; may prefer sitting to lying down
  • Thrusts legs and feet against bottom of crib over and over
  • Rolls from side to side on stomach
Emerging Skills
  • Rolls from stomach to back
  • Uses protective extension i.e., stretches arms and legs downward

If you do this:
Your Baby will:

  • Change your baby’s position throughout the day, for example, from your shoulder to your lap, from his back to his tummy
  • Observe your baby’s positions to learn what he likes and dislikes
  • Enjoy a variety of physical positions and be less bored
  • Feel respected and valued
If you do this:
Your Baby will:

  • Place colourful toys in front of and near your baby’s sides when she is on her tummy
  • Bend your baby’s knees up to her chest and her toes up to her chin in time to a rhythmic song
  • Be encouraged to push chest up, lean on her forearms and turn her head so she can get a better look
  • Feel the physical sensation of her legs and toes as they are exercised
If you do this:
Your Baby will:

  • Put the same toy in front of your baby, changing your baby’s position or location, and also changing the position of the toy
  • Cross one leg over the other and roll your baby over from back to side
  • Learn to explore a toy in different ways given his own or the toy’s physical position
  • Experience the sensation of flipping between two major positions of his body